On Man, His Dog and Dog Beds

“Love me, love my dogs” – sometimes we just have to laugh a little at the seriousness with which some take their relationships with their canine companions.

Last year television viewers were aghast at the sight of an otherwise intelligent man crawling on all fours in his underwear across the thin sheet of ice that had formed upon a river in Essex to reach his dog – it many times smaller and lighter than him – which had fallen through the ice into the freezing cold water below.

Thankfully both dog lover and dog survived the perilous experience, and are destined to live happily ever after together. But it could, of course, have been so much different.

This faithfulness beyond duty and reason is by no means a one-way relationship. In Edinburgh stands a statue of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who was alleged to have stood guard over the grave of its owner for fourteen years before passing away himself. This touching story has, to our displeasure, been called into question however by a researcher who claims it was all a publicity stunt to attract tourists and that the pet had simply been trained to remain in the graveyard, and was in fact two different dogs in any case.

No matter, history is resplendent with tales of man’s wholly reciprocated affection for his canine friend. Not for nothing was ‘Old Shep’ one of Elvis Presley’s most famous and best loved songs.

An ideal gift for our faithful four-legged friend

Even for those of who prefer to remain clothed during the gloomiest depths of midwinter and who would in all likelihood shun the dubious delights of a tentative four-legged crawl across the freezing surface of an icy river there are ways and means of demonstrating our affection for our faithful pets. One is to buy them a present, something they will love and cherish – and will love and cherish us for.

Take a look at this exquisite range of dog beds from Wooff by way of a fine example. Available either in large or small size and in a wide range of different colours and designs, this stylish and comfortable bean bag with a white paw motif will win your pet’s heart forever.

Made from a washable nylon with PVC coating, the Wooff Dog Bed naturally repels moisture and shuts out unpleasant odours.

What better way is there to show your dog you care? Short of crawling across a frozen river in your undies, that is.

Wooff Dog bed beanbag mattress various colours and Size (Large 70 x 110 x 15, Red)

Wooff Dog Bed Large Red

Wooff Dog bed beanbag mattress various colours and Size (Medium 55 x 75 x 15, Black)

Wooff Dog Bed  Medium Black

Wooff Dog bed beanbag mattress various colours and Size (Large 70 x 110 x 15, Green Camouflage)

Wooff Dog Bed Large Green Camouflage


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Classic zip leather jackets ‘investment pieces’ for the fashion future

How many of the items in your wardrobe will deliver value and style for decades? How many could you pass down through the generations, so your kids can enjoy them just as much? We’re betting the answer is ‘none of them’. Except, of course, your leather jacket.

The classic zip leather jacket is a case in point. Hit any big city vintage outlet or online vintage clothing store and you’ll find beautiful old leather wear in great condition, often costing as much – if not a great deal more – than a new one. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion. It’s simple and elegant, practical and stylish. And it’s a hot favourite with celebrities this season. Actress Hilary Duff has been spotted sporting a wonderfully zippy Doma zip leather jacket. Lily Cole, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have obviously fallen head over heels with the Rick Owens version, in amazing pre-wrinkled leather with side zip, lovely wide collar and smooth, unobtrusive chest zip pockets for a super-slim silhouette.

Ordinary mortals can’t always afford to push the boat out and splash out vast wads of cash on an expensive designer zip leather jackets. Thankfully there’s a host of excellent alternatives without the huge price tag. All you need to do is invest a bit of time and effort and get your internet surfing finger in position!

Mens Leather Biker Jacket Black Vintage Look Biker Style Crinkle Retro BNWT

Men’s Leather Biker Jacket

Choose from the fold down shirt-style collar, the large ornamental collar – a bit hit right now – or the classic Nehru collar, neat and stylish. None of them will date. And they all suit any occasion. There’s the ‘blouson’ style jacket, AKA the leather sports jacket, massive in the ’70s and equally popular right now. Choose from an elasticated waist or a contemporary classic with a straight waist band that isn’t elasticated.

Zips are always easier to handle than buttons. The zip leather jacket is endlessly versatile and easy to wear. Best of all it’s really handy for the British spring and summer when, no matter how high the temperatures climb during the day when the sun’s out, the evenings and nights are usually disappointingly chilly.

Think jeans and t shirt, topped off by a wonderfully soft, supple leather masterpiece. Or a simple but very posh frock, finished off to perfection with a big necklace, huge earrings and a chunky leather blouson. Pick your favourite from a vast range of gorgeous colours from cherry reds to purples, creams, beiges and of course brown and black. Or go for broke and choose ’70s tan for a look that’ll never die!

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What to consider when choosing church furniture

The process of purchasing church furniture can seem like a difficult task, after all, it isn’t the type of furniture you are likely to replace for many years, so it is important to choose the pieces carefully. You have a number of options when deciding on which design would suit the church building. You can choose from a range of standard designs and have them made to suit the measurements of the building, or alternatively, you can take the basic structural design of, for example, an altar or pew and change the materials used, or add a carved image to the piece. Finally, you could choose to have bespoke church furniture made, which would be an entirely new design made exactly to your required specifications.

Today there are many different types of church décor and, of course, the furniture chosen to furnish the building should be perfectly in keeping with the rest of interior. For a more contemporary look in a church, keep things simple, with unadorned benches in a uniform colour stain and materials that are consistent with the others used in the interior. If a more traditional look is preferred there is more scope for decorative imagination, as embellishments and ornamental décor are characteristic of this type of interior design. You can add ornate carvings to the side panels of benches or other decorative additions as you see fit.

When deciding on the materials, colour and style of the church furniture you wish to have made, it is essential that the practicality and durability of every aspect of the pieces are thought through thoroughly. This type of furniture must be built to last and is going to be in use on an almost daily basis by many people. The comfort of furniture such as benches must be taken into consideration as well; pews with leather kneeling rests beneath them are a good choice. Choosing hard wearing woods such as teak or ash will save money and time in the future, as these types of wood are capable of withstanding everyday usage.

When choosing numerous pieces of church furniture, bear in mind whether you want everything to match perfectly, or if you have a preference for some contrasting materials that will create a more unusual look. When the focal pieces of the interior, such as the alter, pulpit, confessional box and pews match, this makes less of a statement in terms of design, but can help in creating a more welcoming, harmonious atmosphere. If you choose to keep the furniture uniform, you can still bring colour and life into the room with decorative flower stands.

Having the furniture for the church stained and varnished is an important point to remember, as this will save repair or even replacement costs in later years. When the wood is treated initially, all that is required afterwards is maintenance painting every few years, which is relatively simple and inexpensive. These pieces of furniture are a large investment and should be treated accordingly; a small amount of care on a regular basis will save time and money in the long run.

Guest contributon by William Garvey.

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The Business of Forestry

A very interesting infographic from Crowe Sawmills.

In case you are wondering what NTFP near the middle of the infographic means, it’s an acronym for Non Timber Forest Products.

business of forestry

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Tips for Gorgeous Garden Illumination

Having a garden requires time and patience, and when you spend a great deal of time ensuring that your garden is aesthetically pleasing and growing beautifully, you’ll want to enjoy it even when the sun is not shining. This is why it’s a great idea to add lighting to your garden.

Like anything else, choosing the right lighting for your garden can be a tedious task, as there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. But lighting your garden does not have to be difficult to do, especially if you the following tips.

Only use outdoor lights

Some people make the mistake in purchasing indoor lights and placing them outside, and this is not a smart idea. Outdoor lights are equipped with the right wires and inner workings to keep them lasting longer in different weather conditions.

Plenty of exterior lights are now available in different finishes and designs, so if you fall in love with an indoor light, do some research to see if you can find an exterior version.

Use timers

How often do you forget to turn on outside lights? If you’re going to spend the money and the time illuminating your garden, you better remember to turn it on, and this is why it’s a great idea to invest in timers. This way, your garden will be illuminated automatically, and you’ll never have to remember to turn your lights on on your own.

Be inconspicuous

InnooTech 80 LED Globe String Lights Solar Powered for Outdoor Indoor Decoration(Multi-Colour)

InnooTech 80 LED Globe String Lights Solar Powered for Outdoor Indoor Decoration

The best way to light your garden is to do it inconspicuously. Make sure that you take the time to plan out where to place the lights so that they create a beautiful illumination but do not take away from the essence of your garden. Make sure to purchase lights that are smaller in size or can easily fit under a big bush or flower. You should also opt for natural colours so that they’re easier to hide.

Hide the bulbs

Nothing is worse than having someone admire your garden and all of a sudden be blinded by a light bulb. If you’re going to illuminate your garden, make sure that the bulbs are never facing outward. Instead, make sure that they are always facing the plants so that your guests can easily admire your work.

Think strings or lanterns

If there is no way to hide all of the light fixtures for your garden, opt to use lanterns or string lights. These do not put off a high amount of light and are extremely pleasant to look at, so they will not take away from the beauty of your garden. You can layer string lights through the footings ofá your garden to give it a nice accent, or you can hang them on fences. You can use nearby trees to hang lanterns for an extra touch of beauty.

With all the time you spend on your garden, you should be able to enjoy it more often than during the day. By using these tips, you can easily illuminate your garden in the most beautiful way, making it something to enjoy during the day and the night.

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Easy Techniques To Hone Your Spanish Speaking Skills

If you are struggling to learn the Spanish language, try these entertaining techniques to accelerate your learning experience.  There are a number of methods to improve your Spanish speaking skills that involve everyday life and can be practiced as you make your daily rounds.  Learning to speak useful Spanish phrases proficiently does not always mean “cracking” the textbook and spending hours memorizing words and phrases.

So if you are ready, here are some simple and fun ways to help you absorb Spanish terms and phrases while providing a little entertainment along the way:

Tuning into English-speaking movies that include Spanish subtitles can can be a helpful tutorial . This is an effortless and cheap method of utilizing multimedia avenues to learn the Spanish language while being entertained at the same time.

TV novellas, or what Americans call soaps, are also a valuable source of listening to the Spanish spoken with great diction and clarity.   If your radio can tune into the Voice of America in Spanish, this is another invaluable resource for learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish with Paul Noble

Learn Spanish with Paul Noble

Spanish language comics in the newspaper can be another great source of Spanish phrases and words.  This can be an outstanding way to learn the nuances of the Spanish language and provide a window into everyday terms and slang phrases.

Another simple method, yet  involving a little more work, is to carry 3-by-5 cards with you and jot down new words whenever you encounter them in your everyday life.  At day’s end, you can sit down and determine which phrases and words are the most useful to add to your permanent vocabulary.  Then you can create flash cards using these terms and note the English translation on the flip side of the cards.

These easy ways to learn Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary can accelerate your learning experience and incorporate your efforts into your everyday lifestyle.  However, the key to learning almost any topic or skill is to try to inject a little fun into the process.  So why not start honing your Spanish language skills with a smile and a little chuckle?

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The Evolution Of The Saw: Cutting Through History

The cultural and social evolution of mankind can, to a certain extent, be linearly related to the ability of mankind to build. For were it not for the development of our historical civilizations; ability to construct homes that sheltered them from the cold and meeting places designed to promote social gatherings (and to a greater extent the development of social skills), then our society would be stuck somewhat farther back than even the dark ages.

The moment that man harnessed the ability to create fire for warmth and cooking is often cited as one of the most important discoveries in the history of our existence. Indeed, the discovery of fire enabled societies to not only improve their diet by the means of cooking but it also offered people improved health and a stronger means with which to fight off infection as a result of the warmth given off by fire.

It was when fire was combined with mans’ development of tools and more specifically the saw, that great leaps were taken by civilisation in relation to advancing the success of various cultures.

The Beginnings of the Saw

The history of the saw can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt, around approximately 3100 – 2700 BC. In these early beginnings of the modern man, numerous civilisations were heavily dependent on wood to use as a building material and for many other purposes. Therefore saws were deemed to be essential in enabling people to prepare wood for use in building and to create fire. Indeed, the construction of early housing similarly enabled people to lock in warmth and improve their immunity.

For several centuries there existed only one type of saw – namely, the manual hand saw. This first inception of the saw was made from copper, came in several sizes and had serrated teeth on one side of the blade. The most popular size appeared to be one which was just little bigger than a modern day comb. This was used for all manner of activities such as cutting up small pieces of meat, crafting pieces of wood and even as a means of defending against rival tribes.

Larger types of saws that were used during this early period of social development also included very large hand saws which were operated by two people, one at each end of the saw, and were big enough to cut through tress of varying circumferences. These types of saws remained in popular up until around the 1700s, at which point a man named Samuel Miller invented the circular saw.

The Circular Saw

Black & Decker KS890ECN Scorpion Saw

Black & Decker KS890ECN Scorpion Saw

Miller’s saw was something of a revelation at the time and lauded as a key invention in industry. Unlike the previous hand drawn saws which had operated in a back and forth motion and required a high dispense of labourers, the circular saw utilised a spinning motion, could be operated by just one person and enabled large amounts of wood to be cut up much more quickly than had previously been possible.

The Band Saw

By the 1800s the band saw had come into widespread use. This type of saw was simply a variant on the circular saw and used a thinner and more rigid blade than the standard circular saw, allowing for better accuracy and less wasted wood. The band saw embodied the spirit of the Industrial Revolution and maximised labour whilst simultaneously minimising time and waste.

The Contemporary Saw: Accessorising and Specialist Sawing

The contemporary era sees the band saw now powered by electricity rather than a manual labourer and this tool is widely used in the cutting of metal, wood and meat. Over the course of the past fifty years the blades that have been developed for use in saws have gradually become finer and intensely durable whilst companies who specialise in accessories for saws have developed a range of accessories that enable saws to be used on both grand and minuscule scales.

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How Do We Make Cork?

What is cork and how is it obtained?

Cork is a bark-like material harvested from Quercus suber and Quercus occidentalis, both of which are more commonly known as the cork oak tree. Reaching heights of between 12 and 18 metres, with a circumference of between 6 and 10 feet, cork oak trees are found exclusively in northwest Africa and southwest Europe.

In total, around 300,000 tonnes of cork is produced each year, with over 60% coming from the southern region of Portugal alone (despite this area being home to only 30% of the world’s cork trees). Cork is first harvested when the trees are around 20 years old. The first harvest produces only poor quality cork, which can be used solely for agglomerated cork manufacture.

Subsequent harvests take place every 9 years, when the cork is between 1 and 2 inches thick. Yields can vary depending on the age of the tree: a young tree produces around 16 kilograms of cork, while an older tree can produce around 225 kilograms. Once harvested, cork oaks continue to produce cork for up to 150 years.

What is it made of and what are its properties?

Cork is made up of dead cells, which gather on the outer surface of the cork oak (the tree itself is therefore unharmed when the cork is stripped from its bark). Though it consists mainly of empty space and is therefore excellent insulation material, for both heat and sound, cork’s main material constituent is suberin, a waxy, rubbery substance which is entirely water-proof. For this reason, and also because it is buoyant, resilient, fire resistant and elastic, it is an extremely versatile material, and is used in far more products than is commonly thought.

What is it used for?

Cork has been used as far back in history as the time of the Ancient Egyptians. In Ancient Greece it was used for making floats for fishing, as well as for sandal soles and, of course, for bottle stoppers. Following the Greeks, the Romans also put it to use in a variety of innovative ways, such as for life jackets for sailors and fishermen. For the last few hundred years, cork has been used in various ways, many of them still common today.

Nowadays, bottle stoppers account for around 60% of cork production. The remaining 40%, however, is made up of a wide variety of different applications. It is, for example, an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of shuttlecocks, and also provides the core for cricket balls and baseballs. Cork is also widely used for bulletin boards and in the making of dart boards, as well being a common type of fishing rod handle, and fishing buoy. It is also becoming more and more popular as a form of underlay material, as it is relatively cheap, robust, resilient and very eco-friendly.

Cork Products Online

Combination Cork and Dry wipe pin board, 40 x 60 cm

Combination Cork and Dry wipe pin board


Cork Bowls

Cork Heart Coaster (Set of 4) [Set of 4]

Cork Heart Coaster


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Catfish At Night: Spectacular fishing experience

Equipment you will need :

  • Fishing Craft
  • Good Set of Boat Anchors
  • 12v Auxiliary Power System
  • External Night Lights
  • Submerged Lighting
  • Live Bait Keeper
  • System For Chumming
  • Boat Rod Holders
  • Heavy Duty Bait Casting Or Spinning Rig
  • Insect Repellent

Once you have tried Night Fishing For catfish you will be hooked for life. Trust me If you do it correctly you will catch fish, not only will you catch fish but some will be lunkers! Catfish feed at night and are very active, and when they get into a feeding frenzy fishing action can be incredible! Catfish are attracted to submerged lighting And have a very keen sense of smell. If you can put yourself in the catfish’s nightly habitat location there are some simple methods you can use to entice the cats to feed more aggressively. Before I explain these methods in detail, there are some basic night fishing setups we need to address. Fishing at night is a totally different ball game then fishing during the day.

Boat Setup for night fishing

Before you even think about going night fishing for catfish you need to have the following items:, lights for inside the boat ,either battery or Coleman fuel type lanterns with two mantles. Distribute your lanterns evenly through out your boat. I hang 3 halogen batter powered lights in my 20 foot pontoon. I hang two in the front, one on each side of the boat, and 1 one on my canopy on the back of my pontoon. (You could replace battery powered lights with propane lights, just remember the propane lights attract a ton of insects)

I also recommend you purchase a small light you clip on the visor of a ball cap. This small light comes in handy when you are re-rigging your fishing poles.You are probably asking why do i need these lights when I already have inside lights, Good question;These small lights have pin pointed light intensity that is great when you have to thread line through a hook or when putting bait and sinkers on. (you can limit this by using heavy tackle and making sure your line is fresh) I personally use a led light that clips to the visor on my ball cap.

Your Next light source is to illuminate the surface of the water. A 12v halogen that you can clip onto the side of your boat and pivot the light source at different angles, and hook to a external 12v power source does nicely here. I personally use and adjustable halogen that I can clip to the railing on my pontoon. Direct the light at a 60 degree angle from boat to water. This will illuminate the surface.

Matt Hayes Adventure  Predator Float Collection - Multicoloured

Matt Hayes Adventure Predator Float Collection – Multicoloured

You will need a submerged light source. Of all your night fishing for catfish lighting sources this one is the most important.The underwater fishing lights will attract bait fish by the hundreds, and I am sure you already know the baitfish attract the cats. The reason the underwater fishing lights attract bait fish is because they generate what is called a plankton swirl, of which the baitfish feed from. You will be amazed how fast the big catfish will come and position themselves around the bait fish ball generated for the submerged fishing lights. Underwater fishing light Underwater fishing lights can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The one I use is 36″ long about 4″ in diameter.You want to place your underwater fishing light in the centre of the light pattern that you surface light is generating. Anchor your submerged lighting about 12 ” off the bottom, (without an anchor they will float on top of the water).. make sure the light completely submerged under the water. I recommend you use a 5lb weight as an anchor. If possible, anchor the submerged light about 2 to 3 ft from the boat.

I haven’t mentioned much about the secondary 12v power source that you will need to have on board your boat to power your underwater fishing light,other secondary light sources, and your bait aerator. “do not use your boats power source” This will drain your battery.”you don’t want to get stuck on the lake at night right? If you take a well charged 12v marine battery as your second source it will last through the night.

I recommend you have minimum of three catfish poles pre-rigged and ready to cast out into the water.Rigging tackle at night can be a real pain the butt , and you want to have your poles in the water as much as possible.You won’t get away without re-rigging poles, but you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Locating the cat’s nightly haunts

Pre-planning your night fishing trip is a must for a successful night. Every body of water is different when it comes to catfish habitat locations, but it has been my experience, that in any body of water the bigger cats roam the shore lines or back waters in search of food at night. I highly recommend you do some research on the body of water you intend to night fish for catfish on. At Minimum Get a topographical map of the area before you attempt your trip. These can be attained at any of the local bait and tackle shops in the area. (I recommend you visit one of these shops to get the local scoop anyway, if you dig deep enough these guys can pin point on the map Where to start fishing. This will save you lots of time.)

Enticing the Cats to your boat

Once you have your water surface lights and your submerged lights set up and ready to go you don’t even need to do the next step, you are ready to start fishing. The submerged lighting will get the schools of bait fish coming , but I take it step one step further because if you play on the catfish’s extra sensitive sense of smell you can drive the Big cats into a feeding frenzy! Ok You say how?

Well the answer is by introducing “chumming”. Chumming releases a slick of dead fish smells and fish guts that the small bait fish and catfish feed on. I use a simple very in-expense and easy to setup method of chumming. You can also purchase commercial chumming systems that you can set up.First you will need a nylon netted bag that you can close tight. (a good example would the netted bags that you put golf balls in that have a string closure adjustment) This is what I use, works perfect , very inexpensive. Next , get some good size freezer bags, 3 should do for one nights trip.

Quantum Catfish Spring Scale Fishing Equipment

Quantum Catfish Spring Scale Fishing Equipment

Next, Purchase about 2 dozen good size chubs or cut up some other fish like small bluegill, and cut them in 1″ to 2″ slices, make sure you do this in a pan that will not drain all the juices. Fill the freezer bags pieces and juice all together, and let them sit outside in the sun all day long. Yes it will stink to high heaven by the end of the day, but that is what you want! Once you you are out on your boat, and at the position you want to fish, Place the freezer bags inside the meshed netted bag,attach a line to the bag with a small weight to get it to the bottom, then take a ice pick or knife and puncture the freezer bag many times to let the juices flow.

Now its time to fish! But before we go there lets re-visit Your catfish rigs. There are many catfish rigs you can use, and they all work in situations they are designed for. When you are fishing at night and you have submerged a lighting setup ,you want get your line about 2 ft away from the light source, approximated on the outer edges of the source’s beam.

Since you are going to be fishing only a few feet from the boat make sure your rigs have only enough weight to get your line to the bottom. Slip bobber set ups work well also.

ok I use the single hook rig. Both rigs work fine but I just have preference for the single hook rig. I do use the double hook rig when fishing for other types of fish. I use all heavy duty, open face , and spin cast rod and reels with 30lb test. When you do get a lunker on your line you want the tackle set up to handle the fight. You miss some smaller cats, but it’s well worth it when you catch your first 10lb plus catfish.

Baits To Use

Both Channel and Blue catfish will eat just about any small fish like Suckers, small shad, or bluegills both live or dead.When I am set up for a good night of catfish fishing I will use both live and dead cut bait. I will normally set one pole up with a small live gill no more that 3 inches in length. My other poles will be baited with cut bait , normally LARGE suckers 6″ or longer cut in 1″ to 2″ chunks.

Now bait your rigs, get your boat setup and get ready for an exciting night fishing for catfish trip! Once you catch a lunker 10 pounder + You will be hooked for life! So have fun and good luck!

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