How To Use Subliminal Affirmations to Improve Your Golf Game

The game of golf is 90% a mental game, so learning to dominate the inner game of golf is important. Many golfers struggle for years until they learn how to use mental golf training techniques to their advantage. So don’t spend any more money on the latest golf driver, golf training aid, or lessons until you know how to implement the mental game of golf.

What do subliminal messages have to do with golf, you may think? Well, Tiger Woods has used Subliminal Affirmations since the age of 13. Most of the other top PGA professionals also use powerful mental techniques – in fact, it is the missing ingredient that the top 5% of golfers use.

Subliminal Affirmations – What are They?

The way this technique works is that the messages go straight into your unconscious mind and bypass your conscious mind. Our unconscious mind controls our behaviour and habits.

Your brain is sometimes filled with negative thoughts that tells you that you can’t do this or that, and it is constantly putting you down. But, since the affirmations are subliminal, they sidestep your conscious mind and go straight into your unconscious mind, where there is no resistance.

Your mind will then receive any messages that gets through to it, and directly use them to build new thought patterns and behaviours. In the case of subliminal affirmations for golfers, the complex movements of the golf swing will become a natural habit, just like riding a bicycle. If your unconscious mind is trained right, your golf game will work on autopilot; so you don’t have to think.

Powerful Subliminal Affirmations

Tom Watson: Golf Lessons of a Lifetime II [Updated and Extended for 2014] [DVD]

Tom Watson: Golf Lessons of a Lifetime II [Updated and Extended for 2014] [DVD]

Did you know that subliminal techniques were used in advertising? They were so powerful and effective that they have in fact now been banned. You have also probably seen subliminal programs that put you through a complete sleep cycle in only 20 minutes or others that you listen to before going to bed that make you sleep deeply all night long.

Other subliminal affirmation audio programs are used to help you with relationship building, love life, business success, or self confidence. So, you can see that these are powerful techniques – but if you are reading this, you probably want to know more about how this can help you improve your golf game.

The Amazing Golf Mind

A new mental golf program called Amazing Golf Mind Audio Program can indeed help you take your golf game to the next level. By listening to this program for just 20 minutes, three to four times a week before going to bed, your golf game will improve and your score will drop – and all without practising! Traditionally, learning the mental game of golf techniques was not easy, but with the audio program from Amazing Golf Mind Audio Program it is easy as falling off a push-bike!

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Sensible Disposal Of Computing Hardware

Anyone who is interested in protecting the environment of our fragile planet knows how damaging traditional waste disposal can be. Through technology and manufacturing, human beings produce vast quantities of waste, and most of it is simply left to sit in a landfill for all eternity. Many of the materials used in modern manufacture are in no way bio-degradable, and as a result, most of it will sit relatively unharmed for decades or centuries, all the while harming the environment. For any responsible person, this problem is severe enough to warrant a dedicated response. Recycling can take care of a great deal of the problems encountered, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of computer disposal.


Some materials can be disposed of more easily than others. Food waste and the like tends to be naturally bio-degradable, and therefore it is not nearly so bad for the world as more artificial items. Many of the devices we produce, whether kitchen appliances, cars or computers, are not bio-degradable at all. In fact, many of them contain materials that will essentially never decay. Others contain chemicals that will actively harm the air and water if allowed to sit unprotected. Today’s computers are largely composed of steel, aluminium, glass and various kinds of plastic, many of which can be recycled very effectively. This process very effectively reduces (and in some cases even eliminates) the amount of waste that is deposited on landfills, making this a vastly more sensible and future-proof method of disposal.

Responsible Processes

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Handbook

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Handbook

It is important to recognise that recycling requires extra work compared to dumping on landfills. As a result, it is not impossible for companies to take short-cuts in the process that effectively nullify the advantages of the approach. Directives like WEEE are intended to avoid this problem. Their basic purpose is to set standards for recycling and disposal so that companies can be held accountable for their actions. These standards also provide excellent guidelines for consumers, so that people know what is safe to be thrown out and what should be recycled. Any responsible company will adhere very carefully to these directives. In fact, in many areas it is illegal not to pay heed to them.


When disposing of used computers, phones and other miscellaneous electronic devices, make sure that you conform to WEEE recycling directives. Dedicated computer disposal and recycling companies are a great way to support the effort to keep our planet clean and natural. Rather than have your devices sitting on a landfill (and on your conscience) for decades, have them recycled into new products that can then be recycled again when the time comes. This safer and more responsible approach costs little or no more money for the consumer than any other method. In fact, some companies will pay small amounts of money to take your recyclable materials off your hands. Overall, it is the only sensible method for modern society, and has the potential to undo the damage that has already been done through negligence and short-sightedness.

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Thrifty ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

Children don’t need bright lights, batteries and gizmos to keep them entertained. If you are trying to find alternatives to expensive noisy plastic toys for your kids, here’s a look at some engaging ideas. Kids love being creative and anything that gives them a framework for this will keep them entertained for hours.

Water and a Paintbrush

This is one of the most simple ways for kids to have messy fun, without even making a mess. On a hot summer’s day, let them ‘paint’ the shed with water, making pictures and patterns that dry quickly.

An Easel and Paint

An easel and paint will keep children entertained for hours. Sometimes the initial payout for an easel may seem high, but if you counter this against the amount of time they are likely to spend on it, it’s well worth it. Easels tend to last a long time, so it’s easy to find second hand ones on auction sites or from friends and family.

Chalks on Concrete

Unforgettable Stories For Kids: To Develop Their Creativity

Unforgettable Stories For Kids: To Develop Their Creativity

If you have a concrete driveway and a pack of chalks, you already have an afternoon’s entertainment on your doorstep, as it were. Kids love the thrill of drawing somewhere that feels a bit naughty, whilst adults can rest assured that the pictures will disappear at the first hint of rain or hosepipe.


Hold back ‘junk’ such as cereal packets, toilet roll tubes and egg boxes before you recycle them and keep them aside for a rainy day. Kids can get creative with clean and safe household waste along with some PVA glue, scissors and sticky tape. Give them a theme such as Halloween, Groceries or Space, so they can explore a certain area.

Mud Kitchens

This one is not for those who like to keep their gardens pristine. But for anyone else, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained. If you have any old pots, pans and kitchen utensils you no longer use, let the kids go crazy making mud cookies and cakes in your garden.

Getting creative, whether it’s through drawing, colouring, getting messy or cutting and sticking, is an important developmental part of childhood. Kids enjoy a game or activity that allows them to do the creating rather than a toy that has it all done for them. Providing a theme or framework will help them focus while still giving them space to explore.

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Add Beauty To Your Home With Floral Canvas Prints

Floral canvas prints are by far the most common type of print used in interiors. The reason for this is that the prints are appealing to the eye and make the room livelier. But if you are bored of using floral photographs or curtains but still want these prints in your interiors then you can opt for canvas prints that have floral prints on them. Are you wondering what canvas prints are? It is basically a technique wherein the digital photographs are converted and are printed on canvas.

The canvas art print is different from the general photographs or paintings that are used to decorate the walls. It is in fact the combination of both and is unique in itself. For the canvas prints, you can make use of your own photographs or use any other floral pictures that are available to you.

There are companies that can help you to get the photographs converted into canvas prints . When selecting a company, make sure that it provides you with good quality products at the most affordable price. Apart from floral photographs you can send in your own photographs that can be converted into canvas prints and maybe used as a wall hanging in your home.

Abstract designs are also very popular for canvas print and they look very appealing. If you wish to know about these canvas prints or want to get one for yourself then you can contact Yourimage2canvas.

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Choosing a Good Hampshire Architect

If you’re considering a residential building project in the South of England, whether it be a new home build from scratch or the extension, conversion or restoration of any existing house it is usual, and advisable, to employ the services of a Hampshire architect. But how can you be sure that the firm you choose is the right one not only for the job, but for you?

Hiring an architectural expert is not an everyday occurrence for the majority of home owners. A major building project on your home is something you will do perhaps only once in your lifetime and the effects of the work are with you permanently.

If you call in a plumber or decorator and don’t like what they’ve done it can be easily and quickly rectified. Construction work is an expensive endeavour so it’s important to make sure you choose the right architectural service in Hampshire.

What does an architect do?

Their main role is to take your initial ideas and interpret them into plans that meet building standards and regulations. However, while you can hire someone just for this stage of the work, it is also possible to utilise their expertise and skills for a range of tasks throughout the project to ensure the work runs smoothly.

Depending on your budget and needs, a good architectural practice will take care of: any planning permission or building consent applications, hiring of a reputable building contractor to carry out the work, recommending and employing surveyors and subcontractors, project managing the entire build to ensure plans are followed and regulations adhered to.

What do you need your architect to do?

By now you will have some idea of the scale of work required on your home so it is recommended that you begin researching a suitable professional. It is easier for the architect if you can approach them with an outline of your aims, budget and time-frame for the project rather than going in cold and without any information about what you want.

With even some basic information, they can begin to interpret your ideas and take the project from concept to reality. An architect is a skilled problem solver and creative designer and will provide you with options that you may not have thought of.

Choosing your architecture firm

Architect's Pocket Book

Architect’s Pocket Book

A personal recommendation is always a good place to start looking for an architect but it’s unlikely you will know of many people who have used one before. Also be aware that while one architect may have suited a particular project they may not be right for yours.

Take a look at a few websites on the internet by searching for architects in Hampshire and see the kind of work that the practice has carried out before. Remember the portfolio they show won’t be exhaustive so the next stage is to make direct contact and have a chat about your requirements.

To use the term ‘architect’ they must be registered with the Architects Registrations Board (ARB) – the statutory regulator for the profession. When you’ve found a practice, search on the ARB register for their name to ensure they are reputable.

Building a good relationship

The architecture practice you choose may have an impressive portfolio, provide a cheap quote or come recommended by a friend, but without a good working relationship with your architect your project will run into problems.

Construction work of any kind is drawn out and full of stress, not to mention the fact that you are asking someone to spend a lot of time in your home. With that in mind, it is essential to have good working relations so your project will be completed quickly, professionally, and hopefully under budget.

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Ten Pin Bowling – Fun for All the Family!

We all know how hard it is to find something for all the family to enjoy. There seems to be very few things to enjoy as a family that will actually cater for all ages or generations and those that do tend to cost a small fortune! So what can you do together as a whole family where you can have fun, enjoy yourselves and have some quality family time together? Why not try ten pin bowling! It really is fun for all the family.

Young Children

Ten pin bowling can be enjoyed by any age children (aside from babies of course who can always admire the colours from their pushchairs). Because bowling is a family sport, all ten pin bowling alleys will be equipped with both barriers to block the gutters and training ramps to position the bowling ball.

Older Children

Teens and older children will be able to enjoy ten pin bowling by competing against each other. They will be able to keep score via the screens above the alleys. Not only will they be able to see who is winning but every time they will be encouraged by the huge displays on the screen whenever someone scores a strike or half strike.

An Introduction to Ten-pin Bowling Technique

An Introduction to Ten-pin Bowling Technique


The grown up of the family will be able to compete to the best of their ability while spending quality time with their family. You may choose to have one alley with the barriers up or you may choose to have two alleys next to each other so you can keep an eye on the kids while having a serious game yourself. There are many different weighted balls to choose from and most bowling alleys even have a licensed bar too.

The Seniors of the Group

The older members of the family may not be tempted by lugging a bowling ball about but believe it or not, even the seniors are catered for. As well as ultra lightweight balls the can also use the special ramps to save them throwing the balls. For those who really don’t want to play then they can enjoy ten pin bowling as a spectator and take a seat right in front of your alley.

So as you can see anyone can enjoy ten pin bowling no matter what age or ability. Even if you are looking for a night out with friends rather than family, you can combine bowling with a few drinks, some food and even some dancing (yes that’s right, most bowling alleys even have a disco). Next time you decide to plan a night out, enjoy some quality family time or just fancy a bit of socialising then why not consider some ten pin bowling?

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Keep Leaf products encourage re-using instead of chucking out!

Keep Leaf produces a range of beautifully stylish products designed to encourage reuse at home and when you’re out and about. They’re created to help you live an environmentally conscious life while making the process of going green both fun and chic. So what’s the story behind this highly popular ethical brand?

Keep Leaf is Jaswinder Sahl’s baby. She’s a Toronto mum with a lifelong passion for textiles and design plus a genuine personal concern about the environment. Determined to do her bit to help ordinary people reduce their carbon footprint, she decided to produce an environmentally conscious range of goods to do exactly that.

Because Jaswinder believes there’s no need to compromise on quality and style, her reusable products are premium quality, contemporary, easy to use and fairly priced. And because she realises reusing has to be convenient and easy as well as a green option, she has designed a suite of gorgeous products that really do make life easier. Most of all, a sense of fun is what makes these fantastic products so desirable. They’re colourful and funky. Which means going green is about as far from boring, dull and overly-earnest as you can get!

Keep Leaf’s reusable bags, in large and medium, are a practical, attractive alternative to disposable plastic bags and food wrap, perfect for storing sandwiches and snacks and ideal for travelling. They have a thick, durable nylon lining, Velcro closure and are 100% water-resistant. The fabric they’re made of is unique to Keep Leaf, printed in India using an eco-friendly print process. They’re even washing machine and dishwasher-safe.

Jaswinder has also created a stunning collection of ‘lunch bundles’ in lovely fabrics. Containing medium and large baggies plus a crisp, spotless, washable cotton napkin, they’re perfect for lunch on the go without using up more of the earth’s precious resources than necessary. Choose from tile patterns, stripes, camouflage print, clover, birds, flowers, fruit d├ęcor and more. Plus there’s groovy reusable cup sleeves to stop your fingers getting burned. And reusable plain or printed toggle-fastening produce bags in 100% cotton or cotton mesh, a great storage solution for recyclable waste, veg, nuts and grains – you name it. In fact you can stash all sorts of handy stuff in them.

An asset to any home, Keep Leaf products are here to stay, a runaway success in a world where green means much more than a colour. It’s an essential lifestyle choice; and it can be fun!

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Sensing Restoration: The Aromatherapy Candle

Contemporary life is exceptionally hurried. Between social obligations, family life and work, there can be little time for an individual to nurture his or her self. Even though self care is extremely important for personal success and health, people put themselves last on a long list of priorities. There are many unintended consequences that result from neglecting the self. People can become over-stressed, leading to unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol consumption or compulsive eating. Others may have trouble sleeping or controlling anger. More serious conditions, like depression or chronic fatigue, even high blood pressure, may develop. Each of these consequences may contribute to poor overall health and continue the cycle of stress and self-neglect. One way to counteract the negatives effects of poor self care is through aromatherapy.

The sense of smell has a strong connection with the mind and body. Scent is perhaps the most intricately connected of the five senses to memory. A specific smell can trigger experiences long forgotten. Smell is also connected to physiological reactions in the body. For instance, certain unpleasant smells can cause nausea. Even though there is no physical reason for a person to become sick, the body reacts as though ill. In the same way, aromatherapy can trigger pleasant reactions mind and body. Specific scents have an intricate relationship with relaxation. Moreover, the more an person relaxes while experiencing a certain smell, the stronger the relationship will become between the scent and restoration.

Beginner's Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy: Recipes & Secrets Using Essential Oils For Health, Beauty & Weight Loss (Aromatherapy, Essential Oils ... Oils for Fitness & Health, Beauty)

Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

Self-care is increasingly important in contemporary society. Restoring the body and mind can prevent many consequences of self-neglect. Aromatherapy is a natural and effective way to relax. By working with natural physiological systems, aromatherapy candles use the power of scent to combat stress. By conditioning the body to respond peacefully to a specific scent, a person can habitually enter a relaxed state using aromatherapy. Unlike other solutions, like prescription medication, an aromatherapy candle is not habit forming. This holistic, safe, and cost-effective relaxation technique is appropriate for many people and has no unwanted side effects. Other methods of coping with stress, such as alcohol consumption or snacking, can promote a cycle of unhealthy behaviours. Take the time for healthy and positive self care. Find an appropriate way to balance a long list of obligations. Making aromatherapy part of one’s daily routine can promote a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Protect yourself from serious conditions that are aggravated by stress. Relax and restore with aromatherapy.

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The Benefits of Written Ads

For any of us to communicate with another person, we must get our message across through one of their five senses. Advertisers, of course, know this. At times the sense of smell is used. You walk by a bakery and decide to stop in and find out what smells so good. The taste test is used for soda drinks or pizza ads. Pictures of food appeal to previous memories of its good taste. Touch is the main seller when people are buying a mattress. Consumers want to lie on it to find out if lying on it would be restful for eight straight hours.

Of the five senses, sight takes first place as most important. Researches discovered that 80% of what we learn is received through our eyes. Most of the rest comes through our ears. This means that radio ads must get the consumer to recall a vision, smell, feeling, or taste of the product through audio alone.

Advertisers are smart to keep that 80% in mind when planning their ads. If they can include sounds, that’s even better. But printed ads can be read over and over and thus influence more people than sound alone.

Visual advertisement comes in two forms, words and pictures. Words are abstract for they represent a reality. The word ‘house’ stands for a dwelling of brick and wood. Words can also stand for products. Slogans have caught on and identify products. One of the most famous was, “Where’s the beef?” from the Wendy’s ad. Though mainly verbal, that one phrase sold more hamburgers than anyone will ever know.

It is rarely how many words are used but which words that is important in an ad. People are usually too busy to read a long message and it is more expensive anyway. The message must be catchy yet have content. This balance is hard to achieve.

Sometimes humour is just the ingredient needed to make an ad unique. It generally makes an ad easier to remember. Alaska airlines’ ads did an excellent of portraying their qualities through exaggerating the competition’s weaknesses. Their humorous ads won many awards and kept people watching.

Sometimes the ad is so brief that it only reminds consumers of facts they already know. The colours of Pepsi alone will sell the product. A motto or logo or symbol without words will associate their need with the company’s product. In other words, the picture is all the ad needed.

When ads use visual and audio, use effective words, and add a touch of humour, that ad will surely get the attention of the public. It is a difficult combination, but certainly possible. Some are able to concisely express their product and then have the message flown over a large gathering of people. This is called a banner ad. It is an effective way to get a well planned message out to a large audience at a minimal cost. And with the added attention attractor of the plane’s motor, the two major senses of sight and sound are used effectively to get the message to the public.

Once you have followed these principles, it is time to get in touch with an aerial banner company and get it printed and into the air. It won’t take long before your well planned message will be read by thousands and the result in sales will follow.

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