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6 Home Office Options For Parents Of Young Children

Published : April 26, 2013 Author : Guest Author
6 Home Office Options For Parents Of Young Children

I am a big fan of all things Disney. In my opinion, Walt Disney was not only one of the greatest entrepreneurs that America has ever known, but he was also filled with a lot of timeless wisdom. For instance one of my favorite of his quotes is that, “A man should never neglect his family for business.” I completely agree, and consideration for my family was a big part in my decision to work from home as a freelance writer.

Working from home is sometimes difficult when I am also trying to be a wife and mom. The corner of the dining room table worked as an office at first, but that soon changed. My family was always around, as the mom I had trouble saying no to their requests of my time.

Selecting an Office Space

Although the size of my office started with a laptop, a blank journal, and a ball point pen, I soon realized that I would need my own designated workspace if I was going to actually get any work completed! And that started with selecting the right space.

When you select a space within your home for your new home office, there are so many options available! However, the space you choose will undoubtedly rely on several factors, and you will definitely want your family’s input on the subject.

The amount of time you spend working, the distractions you are trying to avoid, and how accessible you are to your family will undoubtedly play a part in your choice. Here are some spaces that you might consider renovating into your home office.

  • DINING ROOM – If your dining room only sees use on major holidays, then perhaps it is time for your family to adopt some new holiday traditions. For parents of small children who need to keep an eye on their young charges during the day, a dining room makes a great home office space.
  • LAUNDRY AREA – If your laundry room has an empty wall then that could be the perfect area for a home office. If you cannot afford cabinets and a new counter, then consider placing an old door or piece of recycled counter on a pair of low filing cabinets to create a space.
  • ATTIC – If your attic ceiling is tall enough to allow adults to walk around comfortably and the space is easy to access, then you might consider turning one end of it into your new home office. Skylights and dormer windows are a great option to adding light to attic spaces.
  • BASEMENT – Even if your basement is unfinished, you can claim a corner as your new home office space. Light that replicates the sun and a little paint can brighten up shadowy corners. Just make sure that your basement has no dampness or other moisture problem.
  • SUN PORCH – If your home office space is the size of your laptop, then you might consider working in an area like the sun porch. If your porch is not an indoor room, you can still work out in the sunshine on nice days. Just don’t forget to take sunscreen to work that day!

Wherever you choose to work in your home, make sure you refer to the space as your office so your family know you are serious about working from home. When they see you taking your work seriously, they will follow your lead on the matter.

Do you have a spare bedroom that you only use to hide holiday decorations and spare pieces of furniture? Trade out the bed for a futon or a small reclining chair and add a desk, some shelves, and a land line with your new office telephone number.

Obtaining Maximum Efficiency

In order to achieve maximum efficiency when you work from home is making sure that you have a home office that is as efficient as possible. When arranging your new work area, avoid unnecessary features that add up to empty, wasted spaces.

Empty spaces invite clutter, and when your home office is cluttered then you will find it difficult to be productive. If your job requires you to keep copies of receipts, for example, then consider keeping digital copies and shredding the originals. Add the shredded paper to your family’s compost pile!

If you are a parent who works from home then you deserve to have a proper work area. Whether you are in the guest room or the garage, make sure that you can shut the door and leave “work” at the end of the day. Then you will be refreshed and ready to return to “work” tomorrow.

Freelance writer Melissa Cameron lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Dave, their two young children, and the family dog. She loves learning new things, and reads so many product reviews online at sites like that she is like a walking infomercial! Whenever Melissa is not working, she enjoys keeping fit through diet and exercise, knitting, and spending time with her family.

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