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All-Natural Horse Supplements

Published : December 17, 2015 Author : admin
All-Natural Horse Supplements

Nature’s Choice for Healthy Horses

Many people have turned to organic, locally grown, non genetically modified foods to improve their health and appearance. Health-conscious consumers want to eliminate toxins from their homes and larders; many also shun preservatives and artificial food dyes. This increased interest in organic products goes beyond food and body care products: many equestrians also prefer to give their horses natural, organic supplements.

Why Go Natural?

The modern equestrian has a dizzying array of supplements from which to choose. They offer a variety of benefits: some supplements promote a thick, lustrous coat, while others strengthen the teeth or protect the horse from worms. Like human supplements, the equine equivalents often include fillers and other inactive materials; at best, these diluted supplements do not contain as much of the effective substance(s) as they appear to, and in many cases the fillers may cause harm, especially if the supplement is taken regularly over months or years.

Easy Solutions to Important Problems

Complete Horse Care Manual

Complete Horse Care Manual

Natural equine supplements provide impressive benefits without fillers, preservatives and synthetic chemicals. For example, many bug sprays intended for humans and animals are extremely toxic. Those who prefer all natural equine supplements achieve the same result with garlic pills – and there’s no garlicky stink! Garlic repels fleas, mosquitos, flies, gnats and other similar insects; it’s also a powerful antioxidant and encourages the growth of helpful microorganisms in the stomach and bowels.

The Flexible Health Response

Equine supplements give horse owners the flexibility to care for the evolving needs of each horse. For maximum benefits, owners and caregivers should evaluate the appearance, temperament and overall condition of their horses on a frequent and regular basis; choosing their supplements based on what they find. Supplements have two functions: they address many pathological concerns and bolster the animal’s healthiest attributes.

Pills, Wafers and Syringes

Natural equine supplements come in several forms. Pills are the most common; many algae supplements are pressed into thin wafers that can be placed inside the horse’s mouth or mixed into its grain bag. Others are pastes that come packaged into large, plastic syringes; to administer the supplement, the caregiver simply jams the broad, blunt tip into the back of the horse’s mouth and depresses the plunger. The horse is thereby forced to swallow the supplement. Many natural equine supplements have a more pleasing taste than their synthetic equivalents, which makes them easier to administer to an otherwise truculent animal. Some natural paste supplements can even be mixed with the horse’s daily grain ration; their mild taste is barely detectable.

Natural Supplements: The Sensible Choice

All responsible horse owners want to give their animals the best, most effective care possible. Choosing the right supplements means that the horse will have a longer, happier, more comfortable life and eliminates the harsh, synthetic toxins that appear in so many supplements. Owners should also investigate natural products for the hair, mane, tail and hooves. These topical preparations work just as well as synthetic formulas, but are free of potentially harmful ingredients that may be absorbed through the horse’s skin. Using natural and organic supplements and topical treatments protects horses from harmful substances and ensures that they come into contact with only the finest ingredients.


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