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An Effective Social Marketing Plan

Published : February 09, 2013 Author : admin
An Effective Social Marketing Plan

Some of the most effective social marketing strategies are interactive programs which invite ‘fans’ to engage with a company’s Facebook page. This kind of interaction takes the shape of quizzes and contests designed to help people remember a brand of goods or services and build loyalty. Although all of this sounds a like a lot of fun, the reasoning behind it is completely serious.

Companies such as Digibonus provide firms with the tools to compete in the world of social media. This is one place where they find their customers, but media tools also enable firms to start two-way communication with their fans. For instance, using Facebook a company can find out more about what sorts of people like their products; their lifestyles, ages and so on. What would they like to see happen with this product? Most consumers spend at least some of their time browsing products online, so it is the visually appealing and entertaining sites which rise to the top of the competition. They also like to know that their opinions matter.

A shoe or a chocolate company would be good at making shoes or chocolate respectively. The boss would understand project management, human resources and so on. She might not have experience with internet media and how to use it, however. This is why she will purchase social marketing services which offer her templates for running social media campaigns, give design assistance, and provide other types of practical support.

There are multiple templates available with each package, a minimum of three. This gives the client a range of styles to choose from for her upcoming campaign so that the style will suit a desired theme or tone.

One service that is important to the client is analysis. She wants to know if her social media campaign is yielding much internet interest. What is traffic like on her page? Are many people entering her contest or downloading coupons? If traffic is low, then she and the designers at followerz can discuss how to enhance the page’s visibility.

Three packages are available. One is a trial package designed to peak the customer’s interest. With this, the customer gets three possible templates to use for promotional purposes, simple reporting, and capacity for hundreds of fans. Of course, in an ideal world, a client’s page will need room to support thousands of fans, which means the free site is no longer good enough. This client will want to upgrade to a package which comes with many more templates to select from, more competition possibilities, data export services, and more thorough reporting.

The most successful firms are going to need the Premium package because their traffic will be tremendous. These pages support tens of thousands of fans, run photo contests and quizzes of all kinds, and come with a lot of graphic options. Email support and data export services are part of the deal, while the advanced statistical breakdown will be useful for assessing the usefulness of this kind of media service.

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