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Buying Organic Baby Clothes Online

Published : December 19, 2015 Author : admin
Buying Organic Baby Clothes Online

It’s not just adults who can be environmentally friendly with their clothing, ‘green’ baby clothes are readily available and there are some great reasons to go organic with your infant’s clothing. Organic baby clothes are more than just a fashion trend, they can help keep your baby healthy, safe and comfortable with the added knowledge that you’re reducing your environmental impact on the planet.

Choosing organic baby clothes

One of the great reasons to go organic with your infant’s clothing is down to the natural materials and fibres used in the manufacturing process. Many materials used in baby clothes contain dyes, pesticides and metals which are potentially harmful to a young child, particularly if they suffer with allergies. Not so with organic materials which can actually help to eliminate this risk. Child care experts also recommend organic clothing for children who suffer with skin conditions as the natural materials can significantly reduce irritation.

With that in mind, look for clothing that is made using organic cotton. This cotton is much softer and more durable than standard cotton and better for your baby’s skin than synthetic materials such as polyester. Organic cotton has also not been treated with any chemicals and the garments will be coloured and printed using environmentally-responsible plant-based or herbal-based dyes.

Where to buy organic clothing for babies

As the demand for organic children’s clothing increases, so the big companies are trying to cash in on consumers appetite for all things green. Unfortunately, many of the big retailers are putting profits ahead of ethical practices and what the customer buys isn’t always what it seems. Ethical gift websites are a great place to start in your search for ethically sourced and manufactured organic baby clothes.

When you find an online retailer, the next question to ask is how environmentally conscious is the company you’re buying from. Look for a retailer who deals with small suppliers and organic trade associations as they will check on the ethical sourcing of the products they stock. This guarantees that you are getting something that is Fairtrade, organic or eco-friendly. Try to use a reputable ethical products retailer who gives a percentage of their profits to charitable organisations or supports social causes with regular donations.

What organic baby clothes to buy

As any parent will testify, a baby requires a lot of clothing mainly due to the mess they make after feeding or when a nappy needs changing. Organic baby body suits and play-suits are essential baby wear and there’s a beautiful range of classic and understated baby clothes available for boys and girls.

These recommended products are perfect for the fashion-conscious parent who wants quality baby clothes that will last for many years.

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