Wafcol dog food: nutritionally balanced for optimum health

Wafcol manufactures a comprehensive range of nutritionally balanced food for your dog. From a three-week-old puppy to a senior dog of older than seven years, you will find a product of outstanding quality to fulfil your dog's needs. The regular puppy food is dense in energy-giving nutrients to meet the demands of a fast-growing young [...]

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All-Natural Horse Supplements

Nature's Choice for Healthy Horses Many people have turned to organic, locally grown, non genetically modified foods to improve their health and appearance. Health-conscious consumers want to eliminate toxins from their homes and larders; many also shun preservatives and artificial food dyes. This increased interest in organic products goes beyond food and body care products: [...]

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Victorian Drama: Creating The Perfect Period Look For Kitchens

Victorian period style and design has become a popular choice for many homeowners. There is something very special about the elegance of the Victorian style that has really stood the test of time. The Victorian style is also very easy to incorporate into a modern design idea which means that you can have the best [...]

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The Aga – 100% Recyclable and Getting Greener by the Minute!

Have you ever seen a deadĀ Aga? Probably not. You could haunt your local tip for a decade and still not come across an Aga cooker being dumped. How come? They're made of 70% recycled stuff. And at the end of their very long and useful lives they can be recycled yet again into useful things [...]

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Your New Cat Checklist: Ensuring A Purr-fect Start For Your Pet

Getting your first cat is always exciting. Equal parts affectionate and aloof, cats can bring a smile to even the most hard-hearted soul. In addition, their independence makes them a good first pet as they're usually happy to look after themselves for a few hours if you're out and about. However, while cats may be [...]

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U-Konserve the planet with superb re-useable food transport products

Kids learn to cut waste and protect the environment with the Kids Konserve range. And adults have their own range of practical, good-looking waste-free, reusable lunch packing too. The U-Konserve collection is perfect for work, travel and all areas of life, created from amazing recycled fabrics including Petspun #1, a material made from recycled plastic [...]

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