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Fatboy Makes Beanbags with Style and Swagger

Anybody who thinks of a beanbag as an uninteresting, static object with limited potential and devoid of style or flair is obviously unfamiliar with the vast and impressive Fatboy range. Available in a dozen different styles and at least twice as many colours, the Fatboy bean bag has a use in more or less any [...]

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Add Beauty To Your Home With Floral Canvas Prints

Floral canvas prints are by far the most common type of print used in interiors. The reason for this is that the prints are appealing to the eye and make the room livelier. But if you are bored of using floral photographs or curtains but still want these prints in your interiors then you can [...]

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14 Range Cooker Colour-Ways… Plus Custom Colours for Interior Design Magic

The Rayburn is a genuine little workhorse, a classic cast iron cooker that can create mouth-watering meals, heat your domestic water and keep your home cosy. Working the same way as their sister brand, the AGA, they bring indirect heat into play for superbly moist and tasty food. And the choice of fuels is fantastic, [...]

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How bathroom furniture can help in creating your perfect room

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in most homes and whether it's for personal grooming or simply soaking in the tub after a stressful day, the furniture in your bathroom should be as stylish and practical as possible. Because it is such a frequently used room, spending a bit of extra money, [...]

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