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U-Konserve the planet with superb re-useable food transport products

Kids learn to cut waste and protect the environment with the Kids Konserve range. And adults have their own range of practical, good-looking waste-free, reusable lunch packing too. The U-Konserve collection is perfect for work, travel and all areas of life, created from amazing recycled fabrics including Petspun #1, a material made from recycled plastic […]

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Keep Leaf products encourage re-using instead of chucking out!

Keep Leaf produces a range of beautifully stylish products designed to encourage reuse at home and when you're out and about. They're created to help you live an environmentally conscious life while making the process of going green both fun and chic. So what's the story behind this highly popular ethical brand? Keep Leaf is [...]

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Why Pets and Wildlife Love Rayburn Stoves

Rayburn stoves are synonymous with warming frost-chilled fingers after bonfires. With delicious smells as tender meats cook, breads rise, spicy cakes come to life and rich stews bubble. With the super-clean scent of crisp, spotless laundry fast-drying on a traditional ceiling rack in the kitchen. With the scents of summer food alfresco and intimate autumn [...]

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Top Christmas Cooking Tips for new Owners of Range Cookers

It’s one thing cooking any old meal. It’s quite another cooking a great Christmas dinner, especially when your oven’s relatively new. You know what it’s like. Over time you get used to your old cooker’s little foibles: the way it runs hot or cool, leaks heat or takes aeons to warm to temperature. If you’re [...]

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Why is Our Chocolate Shrinking?

The marketing departments of chocolate and confectionery firms are smart people. They know that if they put the price of our favourite chocolate bars or biscuits up in price, sales will probably drop as we switch to cheaper brands or stop buying sweet treats altogether. However, we are less likely to notice them shaving a [...]

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Will Craft Beer Save The Great British Pub?

The pub has long been a fulcrum of British culture, a place where local people could meet to socialise, create a harmonious community spirit and indulge themselves with a pint of the usual. This, however, is close to becoming a thing of the past. Besieged on several fronts, the great British pub inches closer and [...]

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