Victorian Drama: Creating The Perfect Period Look For Kitchens

Victorian period style and design has become a popular choice for many homeowners. There is something very special about the elegance of the Victorian style that has really stood the test of time. The Victorian style is also very easy to incorporate into a modern design idea which means that you can have the best […]

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The Aga – 100% Recyclable and Getting Greener by the Minute!

Have you ever seen a dead Aga? Probably not. You could haunt your local tip for a decade and still not come across an Aga cooker being dumped. How come? They're made of 70% recycled stuff. And at the end of their very long and useful lives they can be recycled yet again into useful things [...]

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Planning Your Ikea Kitchen – Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

You know that old saying... failing to plan, is like planning to fail. That statement couldn't be more true than when you're undertaking an Ikea kitchen remodelling project. From the very beginning you must plan your project with with a clear focus on detail or you will most likely fail. There's no way around it. [...]

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The Aga S Series and Masterchef for supremely versatile range cooking

Not everyone needs a heat storage range cooker. So the world’s favourite range cooker manufacturer, Aga, has created the S-Series, consisting of the AGA 6-4 and 4-2, both conventional range cookers with the same beautiful cast-iron enamel frontage. But the S-Series has been designed especially for smaller kitchens. Unlike the heat storage AGA, it doesn’t [...]

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Buy specialist branded accessories for your Aga stove or range cooker

As you can imagine, the manufacturers of range cookers are experts in creating specialist accessories for their ranges. Here are some ideas to inspire your choice and maximise the effectiveness of your range. Rayburn makes a collection of handy accessories. Their pans and casseroles available individually, and come with a wonderfully heavy thermal base for [...]

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What else do top range cooker and appliance manufacturers make?

It’s always interesting to explore the ins and outs of your favourite appliance companies to see what else they get up to. And it’s surprising how many of them diversify into areas you’d never imagine they’d venture into! Liebherr, for instance, manufacture superb quality fridges and freezers, top class wine cabinets and even specialist cigar [...]

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Flooring for Contemporary kitchens

The floors of contemporary kitchens today are a very telling aspect of how kitchen designers are trying out both new materials and application methods in kitchens, in order to create innovative and highly functional spaces. As more and more people building their homes become determined to create spacious, beautiful and practical 'dream' kitchens, the amount [...]

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