The Earliest Examples of Home Lighting?

The history of industrial and home lighting is nothing short of fascinating and mankind’s ability to harness the power of light was a powerful driver in society’s evolution over the ages. Without it, we would still be living according to the natural sun cycles – sleeping when dark, awake when bright, with very little flexibility [...]

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Wofi Lighting and the New Wave of LED Lights

How would you like to save 80% on your domestic energy costs, benefit from a very long lighting lifespan, experience highly consistent lighting output that requires no maintenance and know that you’re buying an eco-friendly product that is also highly safe because of its low energy output? If that sounds appealing to you, then the [...]

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How to create dramatic outdoor lighting

You have worked tirelessly on the design and landscaping of your garden and it may be a place of beauty in the sunlight, but will never realise its full night time potential with a solitary security/safety lamp. It is easy to create effective dramatic outdoor lighting that allows you to enjoy a beautifully designed garden [...]

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Refresh Your Home With Stylish Home Lighting

In these current cash-strapped times, the prospect of redecorating the home can feel a little ambitious, particularly if budgets are tight. Yet as spring approaches, most of us have the urge to update our living spaces with new designs and schemes that reflect the lightening evenings, new season and latest fashions. The good news is [...]

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The latest LED lights – from Astro to Wofi lighting

Much attention has been paid of late to modern LED technologies, which offer a host of benefits over their more old-fashioned predecessors. For example, the new LEDs are up to 80% more efficient, offer a hugely extended lifespan and provide attractive soft lighting - compared to the harsher finishes of the earlier and less refined [...]

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A Guide To Spot Lighting The Interior Of Your Home

There are many different styles of lighting that is available for your home. The traditional style incandescent, modern fluorescent or down lighting from your ceiling. All of these versions are great when used individually or mixed together to cast the right illumination inside of your home. There are additional lights known as spot lights that [...]

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