Use a Knitting Pattern to Create the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

It can be very enjoyable creating your own personalised gifts to give to people and it is even more rewarding when they are to be given to an expectant mother at a baby shower. Everyone loves hand made gifts, and a baby blanket, baby booties, shawls and baby jackets, are items that will be cherished […]

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Florida’s Lake Toho: Catch That Lunker Bass!

WARNING: Bass Fisherman Only! If you are a Largemouth Bass Fisherman head to Lake Toho Florida for some amazing bass fishing at this Nationally ranked largemouth bass fishing lake. Largemouth bass are found in nearly every freshwater impoundments in Florida. More then 7,500 freshwater lakes and rivers lakes are available for fishing freshwater in Florida. [...]

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Catfish At Night: Spectacular fishing experience

Equipment you will need : Fishing Craft Good Set of Boat Anchors 12v Auxiliary Power System External Night Lights Submerged Lighting Live Bait Keeper System For Chumming Boat Rod Holders Heavy Duty Bait Casting Or Spinning Rig Insect Repellent Once you have tried Night Fishing For catfish you will be hooked for life. Trust me [...]

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A Puzzling Pastime

Jigsaw puzzles are a popular pastime with many people who find the act of completing a puzzle therapeutic and enjoyable. They are an inexpensive hobby which provides hours of entertainment for millions of people across the world and are a great educational toy for children teaching motor skills, cognition and reasoning. Whilst most jigsaw fans [...]

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A Guide to Knitting With Alpaca Wools and Garment Care

Knitting is one of those hobbies that is very enjoyable and also rewarding when you end up with your finished project. Alpaca wools are a great material to use regardless of the level of skill you currently have. Alpaca fleece is quite easy to work with, even for the novice, and it has beneficial qualities [...]

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