Gift Ideas For A Yoga Enthusiast: Luxury Yoga Mat And More

The popularity of yoga means you probably know someone who practices yoga. Even if your friends are not getting up at sunrise to do their practice every morning, there is probably someone at work or in your circle friends who goes to a yoga class every now and then. When buying gifts for a yoga […]

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The Silk Eye Mask: A Luxurious Necessity

Maintaining health and wellness is essential given today's modern lifestyle. However, many people are too busy. Considering work, social obligations, and family life, there is little time for rest. Unfortunately, getting good sleep becomes more important when there is less time to rest. For this reason, it is important that sleep is beneficial as possible. [...]

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Improving Your Cardiovascular Fitness Is The Key To Increasing Weight Loss

Sticking to a strict diet and counting calories simply doesn't do the trick for most people wanting to lose weight. Lots of people do end up losing weight this way, however they have a hard time keeping it off once they eat normal foods again. This usually begins a cycle of yo-yo dieting that is [...]

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Sensing Restoration: The Aromatherapy Candle

Contemporary life is exceptionally hurried. Between social obligations, family life and work, there can be little time for an individual to nurture his or her self. Even though self care is extremely important for personal success and health, people put themselves last on a long list of priorities. There are many unintended consequences that result [...]

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End Sleeping Light With A Silk Eyemask

A silk eye mask can block out disruptive light. In the modern world electricity ensures light is available round the clock. Some people may even sleep during daylight hours because of work or lifestyle. The constant barrage of electronic light in combination with irregular sleep and wakeful hours can contribute to unhealthy loss of important [...]

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Modern People, Ancient Therapies: The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Although improvements in medicine have contributed to a healthier population, contemporary society is still afflicted with its own health ailments. Obesity, high-blood pressure, insomnia, and depression are all illnesses that are worsened by unnecessary stress. Living a less stressful lifestyle can be challenging for anybody. After working long hours, many people return home to another [...]

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Top Health Hazards In Your Student Home – And How to Avoid Them

My memories of student life are memories of the best time in my life – and particularly the second year when we rented a house together after moving out of halls. I remember hanging out with friends, eating cereal in the kitchen, making copious amount of tea, lying in until 2pm, partying all night, having [...]

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