Ray-Ban Sunglasses: The Ultimate Name In The World Of Sunglasses And Eye Wear

“Ray-ban sunglasses are well-known as the ultimate name in the world of sunglasses and eyewear today. The name has been around for years and is well respected since before the time of the Cold War. Here is the story of how it all began and why they are the best choice around. The History It […]

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Classic zip leather jackets ‘investment pieces’ for the fashion future

How many of the items in your wardrobe will deliver value and style for decades? How many could you pass down through the generations, so your kids can enjoy them just as much? We're betting the answer is 'none of them'. Except, of course, your leather jacket. The classic zip leather jacket is a case [...]

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Confront Fashion Faux Pas With Leather Bomber Jackets

Fashion is about the next big thing. Designers are always vying for a spot at the top of the hot list. As a result, wacky trends and downright strange fashions sometimes walk the runway. However, fashion is also about great style. Several styles have demonstrated staying power throughout the years. Since its origin as the [...]

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Four Reasons You Need Leather

Without a leather jacket, a woman's wardrobe is incomplete. Leather jackets for women are durable, functional, fashionable and versatile. A must-have item for any season, a leather jacket is sure to create inspired looks for years to come. Durability makes leather extremely desirable. Leather is made by treating animal skins. The material, unlike other manufactured [...]

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No Matter the Weather, the Best Choice is Leather

Leather jackets and coats are one of this season’s must have items. Leather jackets are durable, practical and stylish. They can be purchased in many styles for men and women. As classic outwear, leather jackets are appropriate for many situations. The versatility and utility of leather coats and jackets make them an essential part of [...]

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Do you really need designer leather jackets to make a style statement?

If you've been hunting for the perfect leather jacket, there’s no need to fall for the siren call of the designer jacket. How come? Isn't designer gear the ultimate fashion statement? Perhaps a few years ago, pre-recession and credit crunch, it was. But today things are very different. Most people are much more interested in [...]

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How To Wear Brown Leather Jackets For Men

Brown leather jackets are as popular as black jackets for men, but wearing them may require a bit of know-how in the style and fashion department. Brown leather jackets are not exactly screaming formal, which you can pull off quite easily with a well-tailored leather jacket done in tasteful black. Brown jackets, on the other [...]

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