Use a Knitting Pattern to Create the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

It can be very enjoyable creating your own personalised gifts to give to people and it is even more rewarding when they are to be given to an expectant mother at a baby shower. Everyone loves hand made gifts, and a baby blanket, baby booties, shawls and baby jackets, are items that will be cherished […]

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What To Buy The Husband For Christmas? Ten Great Gift Ideas!

With Christmas suddenly looming large on the horizon, couples and family members across the country are scouring their brains trying to remember things their loved ones said they may like as a present. Does he really want that expensive watch? Will she use this foot spa more than once? Will the kids spend more time [...]

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Ethics and Style go hand in hand with Just Trade

It's been a long time since ethical shopping has involved any compromise on style and taste. If anything, many ethical retailers now supply up-to-the-minute designs and desirable styles. The popularity and demand for ethical products has meant that talented designers have got in on the act to produce stylish and elegant goods, particularly in the [...]

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Fair Trade Jewellery Makes a Wonderful Ethical Christmas Present

If the lady in your life is into being Green with a capital ‘G’, whether they’re eight or eighty they’ll appreciate the beauty of ethically produced jewellery. Here’s a small selection of what’s available for Christmas 2012, from all over the world, created with love. Zulugrass jewellery by The Leakey Collection Gorgeous Zulugrass jewellery is [...]

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