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The media’s role in protecting the future of the rainforest

It's been interesting to read that James Cameron, the producer and director of the box-office smash, Avatar, is planning to take his cast on location to the South American rainforest to learn first hand about life in ‘the jungle' for native peoples. With Avatar focusing on the lush imaginary planet of Pandora, the film's topics […]

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Why is rainforest deforestation occurring?

Rainforest deforestation is a topic we're fighting to be tackled on the international agenda. In most tropical countries, most deforestation occurs naturally or through the result of agriculture. However, in places such as Brazil, the problem is primarily down to land clearing by commercial interests - along with poorly guided government policy, commercial exploitation of [...]

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Does Every Country Have a Military?

A recent article by Peter Orszag discusses the controversy of defence spending cuts. Spending cuts at large are an entirely controversial subject in our highly polarized country. But cuts have to be made to both entitlement programs and defence spending. Peter Orszag got me thinking about how touchy a subject defence spending cuts are to [...]

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