Helping save the rainforest with Fairtrade schemes and sustainable coffee

Coffee is the second most traded commodity worldwide, after oil and it's a hugely lucrative industry, traditionally dominated (and, some might say, abused) by several large corporate players. The consumer market has exploded and the profits are raking in for some – but what about the producers and the impact on the rainforest? Certainly until […]

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Celebrity Help to Save the Rainforest

Musician Sting and his actress wife, Trudie Styler, are well known for their stance on environmentalism and their desire to educate others to save the rainforest. They first visited the Amazon in 1989 without realising the impact it would have on their future personal lives and have since started up the Rainforest Foundation, raising many [...]

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The Internet and Ecology, Partners in a Better Tomorrow

When you sit down and think about it, we use a lot of paper in our daily lives. We are handed paper shopping bags and paper receipts, receive countless paper ads and pieces of junk that we will never read in our mailboxes every day. The rampant consumption of paper around the world has led [...]

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Go Ecotronic with Eco Friendly Toys and Electronics

Anyone with kids, nephews, nieces or grandkids knows that buying new toys is part and parcel of the journey. You may also need to buy toys for your kids' friends, your friend's children and so on and so on. Environmentally friendly folk may struggle with the purchase of so many new toys when they find [...]

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Can Rainforests Continue to Absorb Carbon in the Future?

Record "once in a century" droughts have hit the Amazon rainforest twice in less than 10 years. Minimal rainfall in 2005 left extensive areas of the rainforest at their driest levels in living history, but 2010 witnessed more droughts that destroyed billions more trees. This has led to concerns by many leading scientists that the [...]

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Sustainable cocoa – another positive move to save the rainforest

It's always good to read about new initiatives that bring corporations and governments together with the third sector and pressure groups in order to create positive change to save the rainforest. So it's really good news to learn about the new partnership between the Rainforest Alliance and Olam International, with the latter corporate investing $1 [...]

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Great Advice For Anyone Seeking Information About Green Energy Technology

You have probably heard that solar systems are a great way to save electricity and money. There are many reasons to buy solar panels for the home, including tax deductions. The next few paragraphs will explore solar panels in more depth, with a specific focus on where you can buy them. Green energy is huge [...]

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Vivienne Westwood joins campaign to help save the rainforest

Top designer Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with some of the top names in the fashion world in the continuing quest to save the rainforest and draw attention to the issues affecting it. Joining many iconic faces, Westwood has created an incredible photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar, which incorporates fashion photography with interviews with eco-journalists [...]

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