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Is Your Relationship Holding You Back? And What Should You Do About it?

Some people are very lucky and they have their life laid out for them on a platter. These are the people who have simple and straightforward goals and dreams in life, and the people who can easily follow their goals to achieve the kind of satisfaction and happiness that many of us struggle to accomplish. […]

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Three Important Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Getting married is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have, but it is also one of the most stressful. You would think that getting married is all about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your time with your partner and family, but trust me it really isn’t. Until the big day comes, you [...]

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Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Weddings are fun for pretty much everyone, especially the guests. Unfortunately, the main stars of the wedding often carry the brunt of the wedding festivities. The bride and groom are, after all, the ones planning the entire thing. The primary issue with planning weddings is staying within budget. Here are some budget-saving tips for the [...]

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Thank your Bridesmaids with Fair Trade Jewellery

As the revolution in ethical lifestyles continues, more and more of what we do or buy is required to be fair trade. Organising a wedding, as anyone who has done it knows, is very hard work.  For the increasing number of brides and grooms trying to organise an ethical wedding, this can take careful consideration [...]

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Fair trade and ethical wedding ideas

Weddings are often a great expense, but generally speaking, people only consider the expense to themselves. Nevertheless, the expense to the community and environment can also be significant. Weddings are a time when families and friends come together, but people are now located all over the globe. Air miles and long car journeys, as well [...]

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