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Common Mistakes Marketers Make With Facebook Marketing

Published : July 07, 2013 Author : admin
Common Mistakes Marketers Make With Facebook Marketing

As the biggest social networking site on the Internet today, Facebook has certainly become an important tool for marketing. Aside from helping you build a personal network, it can also be used to help your company grow. Many people have managed to utilise Facebook marketing incorrectly. Their failure to use social media properly has not only made them waste their efforts and resources, but in some cases has also alienated them from their target audience. To learn from these mistakes, you should know what actions to avoid if you are going to use Facebook for marketing.

One of the most common mistakes in Facebook marketing is mixing your personal and business accounts. According the standard use policies, you cannot make multiple accounts, but you can create a business page for your company under your account. Managing it is easy and you do not have to worry about exposing your personal profile to the general public when set to private. You can easily take advantage of the support and applications Facebook provides to commercial users.

Facebook-LikeBuilding a separate business page works because it keeps you more in control. It is easier to regulate what information you send out to your target audience and in what frequency you release it. This can make you more consistent and reliable so your audience would know when to expect your status updates. This puts out a message that you are dependable as a company and dedicated to having clear communication lines between you and your customers.

Every business must learn how to use Facebook responsibly in marketing their products. Both small organisations and multi-corporations have been guilty of bombarding their target audience with too much information. In the digital age, this is an annoyance and can become the reason why people get rid of Facebook pages. If you want to encourage your target market to stay with your product and engage in your marketing efforts, you should keep your posts relevant. Apart from being appealing, updates should not appear to be spam. A news feed that over populates a page with useless data is considered negative in the eyes of customers.

Another common mistake made every day by marketers is the use of Facebook to push a sale. Though your aim is to make your target audience buy your goods, it should not be your number one priority. You can send web traffic to your website to make sales. Keep in mind that your main goal should be to find and maintain consumer connections and not to push your products too hard.Facebook2

Using your business page to inform consumers of new products and upcoming promos is best. Include bits of information that make your status updates and posts more interesting. An example of how you can do this successfully is to ask questions and give out answers. This would make your Facebook marketing plan more exciting and your target audience would feel like they are interacting with someone interested in their opinions and concerns as a customer.

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