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Known by the Companies they Keep

Published : June 27, 2013 Author : admin
Known by the Companies they Keep

Marimekko is an iconic and fashionable Helsinki-based family company that is noted for its brightly coloured patterns and fabrics, both in the field of clothing and indeed in home furnishings.

The company was actually founded back in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia. The concept was to combine art with textiles in order to produce lively garments. After an unsuccessful attempt to display them at a fashion show the ladies’ garments were eventually showcased at a locally renowned department store that was managed by one Georgio Armani.

One of Marimekko’s most noteworthy designs is a bright poppy image that has appeared for many years on several of its fabrics, both apparel and in the household.

The Metahlowskis are by comparison are a younger family. In actual fact they are a family of versatile and durable bean bags by Fatboy. Each Metahlowski beanbag has an exciting metallic appearance and has pride of place amongst Fatboy’s impressive range of simple seating solutions.

Peaceful flowery designs

The glitz of the Methalowski contrasts sharply with the peaceful flowery designs from Fatboy’s Marimekko selection. There the bean bags faithfully adopt the classic appearance created by the Scandinavian fashion icon.

Fatboy itself specialises in seating solutions, although this is by no means its only line. Its range of bean bags, foot stools and hammocks all in several sizes and a whole variety of patterns and colours cannot fail to impress.

Another notable range from the same Fatboy stable is the Point beanbag, a solid, cylindrical design something akin to a traditional pouffe, providing a slightly more rigid seating option as well as a useful foot stool. The Point is available in no fewer than sixteen colours including a deep pink, a cool subtle lime and even a camouflage patterned variant.

Possibly the most interesting design of all is the Buggle Up, as it in essence transgresses the unwritten law of the bean bag – that it should be basic and unfettered by adornments – by coming equipped with straps, rings and sundry adaptable bits and pieces. There is a good reason for this, viz. that it is a beanbag specifically designed for outdoor use, whether in the garden, on the beach or even at the camping site.

It takes flair to be innovative with a bag of beans, but the Fatboy portfolio boasts beanbags for kids, beanbags for dogs, outdoor ones, indoor ones, bright blue, red and purple ones, large ones and small ones, glitzy glamorous ones and ones with classic poppy designs.

It is truly the untechnical, uncomplicated, one-piece furniture item with attitude.

Image courtesy of Flickr.

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