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A Link Builders Timeline

Published : May 04, 2016 Author : admin
A Link Builders Timeline

Build it and they’ll come is not good advice when it comes to websites. In fact, search engine optimization is a must. The gold standard in improving search engine ranking today is link building. However, results do not come overnight. SEO professionals often find themselves being asked about when a return on investment can be expected. The answer depends on a variety of factors. Here’s what you need to know.

Expect 1 Rank Jump To Take 10 Weeks

Rank jumps typically take an average of 10 weeks to occur. While every link you create to your site will have a positive impact, it is a cumulative effect. Earning multiple links over a short period of time will deliver better results overall – higher rank jumps in less time.

Lower Ranked Sites See Better Results

When websites are ranked on page 2 or deeper in search engine results, links will make a bigger difference faster than websites ranked on page 1. A page 1 ranked website can take more than 20 weeks to see a single rank improvement. However, sites with lower rankings typically start to see positive rank movement within 2 months of starting a link building campaign.

Domain Authority Spurs Faster Results

Links from sites with high Domain Authority will give you the best results for your efforts. Lower DA sites (0-50) will improve your search engine ranking but it takes time – at least 10 weeks, and sometimes there may even be a drop in ranking. However, links from sites with high DA will produce bigger ranking jumps quicker, likely because Google trusts links more from these sites, and because such sites may be crawled more regularly.

Allow Enough Time For Results

If you are ready to start a link building campaign for your website, you need to plan enough time for the different steps.

  • Step 1. Find the right link builder. Your two best options are to hire a link building agency to work with your firm or hire a link-builder in-house. Seeking out the right agency and starting work with them can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months. Hiring an in-house SEO link-builder will likely take 1 month.
  • Step 2. Design your link building strategy. This can take up to 1 month to complete. While there are a variety of ways to earn links for a website, some of the top ones include: listing your company as a resource on complimentary sites, creating visually appealing infographics, offering your expertise in the form of useful tips or insider knowledge, and providing high quality, well-researched content relevant to your audience.
  • Step 3. Scout out the ideal sites to target for optimal results and generate the content necessary to gain those links. This stage typically takes 1-3 months.
  • Step 4. Execute your plan. It will take you 2 weeks to 1 month to compile and send all the personalized emails you need to send in order to capture the attention of the high DA sites you want links from. Correspondence with representatives of these sites can go back and forth before you get the feedback you want.

When you’ve followed through and submitted your content for inclusion on other sites, you may think it’s time to sit back and wait. However, you have simply kickstarted a campaign that needs to continue. It will take 5-10 weeks to start to see the effects of your first outreach efforts. However, from the time you actually start working on the process of link building to seeing rank improvements may take anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Once you have your campaign in place, keep moving forward, creating more links, so you continually improve your website. It is a process and it takes time, but it definitely pays off, especially for those who are diligent and dedicated.

The time to get started on link building for your website is now.  The sooner you get started, the better.

Kerri Gois ProfileAbout the Author
Kerri Gois is a freelance writer and marketing coordinator An avid reader and social media addict who also enjoys learning how to code, but is a novice at best. She’s extremely passionate about the Internet and Technology and lives in sunny San Diego with her puggle, Bernard. Follow her on Twitter @kerrigois

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