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Looking for an “investment piece” for your wardrobe?

Published : May 05, 2011 Author : admin
Looking for an “investment piece” for your wardrobe?

If you are looking for an “investment piece” for your wardrobe, you must have a classic zip leather jacket. There aren’t a lot of items of clothing that will stand the test of time to be handed down to your children and perhaps even grandchildren. There aren’t many items of clothing with the classic style and durability necessary to become heirlooms! I imagine your answer will be that none will. Your leather jacket may very well become an heirloom.

One such item is the classic zip leather jacket. If you look into vintage outlets in the city or online, you are sure to find lots of great leather items in very fine condition. These usually cost at least as much as their new counterparts. This classic styling is always in fashion. The style is practical, elegant, and simple. Celebrities are wild about this style this year. Many people have seen Hilary Duff proudly wearing a very cute Doma classic zip leather jacket. The Rick Owens version is crafted of pre-wrinkled leather. It has wide collars, a side zipper and a slim silhouette that features chest zip pockets. This style has proven popular with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Lily Cole.

Your average person isn’t always able to make a major financial investment in a classic zip leather jacket. Luckily, there are many alternatives that are not so costly. Just hop online and spend a little time hunting around!

The most popular collar style right now is the large ornamental collar, but you can still choose the fold down shirt style collar or the very stylish and neat Nehru collar. None of these styles will go out of fashion. They are each appropriate for any event or occasion. In the 1970s the blouson style leather sport jacket was very popular, and it’s coming back today. You could pick a classic zip leather jacket with a non-elasticized straight waist band, or get a more updated look with an elasticized waist.

It’s always easier to manage a zipper than hassle with buttons. You can wear a classic zip leather jacket comfortably and stylishly in most situations. One of the great things about it is that it’s a good choice for spring and summer in Britain. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter how hot it may be during the day, when the sun goes down, the temperature drops.

The classic T-shirt with jeans and a scrumptious classic zip leather jacket is always a winner. A very simple and stylish dress with a stunning necklace and dangly earrings would look fabulous with a chunky leather blouson. There are lots of colours to choose from: black, brown, beige, cream, and even such exotic offerings as cherry red and purple! One look that will never go out of fashion is the popular tan worn in the 70s.

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