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The days when you can build thousands of junk link in just one hour and it instantly improves your website SEO ranking has finally gone. Nowadays, a quality backlink is much more important than thousands spammy backlink.

Today, article directory backlink is one of the most popular ways to build backlink. The concept is very simple. Just write an article with the same niche/topic as your website, and put your website link inside that article. Google will give much value of this kind of backlink because it looks much more natural, and also the link to your website come through a page that contains an article with similar topics with your website. Another important thing is there is just one link will pointing to another site (in this case, your website) for each page/content. So, it's very fast and safe than the traditional directory listing method that can list up to hundreds link per page.

Here are some differences between article/content directory with old web site directory

Seo Factors Directory Listing Website Article Directory Website (
Links in one page Up to thousands link Only 1-3 link
Page Link Sources Almost no content at all Similiar content with your website niche
Google Penalty Risk Very high risk / spammy backlink Low risk / safe backlink
Backlink Quality Low quality backlink High quality backlink

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Doesn't have time to write a unique and high-quality content for your backlink? Don't worry, our team had written more than 500 content and it's available for you to put a backlink in that article. Just search the content that is similar to your website niche with available (no backlink) tags, and ordered your backlink to put inside it.

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Building backlink to improve your website SEO can be difficult task, especially if you are a new player in seo world. That's why is here, we help you build your website backlink to improve ranking and authority by using our free feature.

POPULAR CATEGORIES had a lot of categories, but some categories stand out to be the most popular categories. Writing and publishing content in those popular categories will give you a lot of traffic and also improve your website seo.


In the business section of, you can find a lot of content and article about any kind of business, including online business, offline business, business management, general business, and much more about business.


Fashion category contain usefull article that can improve your fashion and style in your life. Also there are some suggestion and review about fashion store including online or offline shop.


Love your pets more than anything in the world? This section is for you. You can read lot of article and content about tips and trick for pet lovers.

Travel and Holiday

Nowadays, traveling has become a livestyle. Unfortunately, lot of travelers gaining bad trip experience during their travel. Make sure you never experience it, read usefull article about tips, trick and review about travel and holiday.


Make sure you use every single spaces in your bedroom. Don't let any spaces empty. Make sure you use every single spaces in your bedroom.

Product Review

Choosing the right product to buy sometimes become much more difficult since there are a lot of product available in the market with similiar function and prices. Make sure you read product review before deciding which product to buy!

About Us is a content directory website which contain more than 1.000 unique and high quality content for you to read.

Webmaster also can take an advantage of feature with submitting an article and get high quality backlink inside the submitted article/content that will boost their website rank up in the search engine result page.

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