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Rest for the Sole: Holistic Silk Ladies Slippers

Published : May 06, 2012 Author : admin
Rest for the Sole: Holistic Silk Ladies Slippers

Holistic Silk ladies slippers were designed with self care in mind. In today’s fast-paced society, few people give themselves enough time rest and restore the body. In order to keep up with demands and obligations, some turn to unhealthy practices in order to combat stress. Many people rely on alcohol or cigarettes to relax after a hard day. Others may spend hours watching television to give their minds a break. Holistic silk products were created to help people relax without encouraging unhealthy habits. With the whole body in mind, holistic health solutions use the body’s own natural systems to invigorate, restore and relax.

Magnets within the sole of the slippers massage feet as they are worn. There are several benefits to the magnetic massage therapy. First, women’s shoes in particular can be tight and restricting. Some styles, such as high-heels, place extra strain on the lower back, hips, and knees. While heels maybe be good for fashion, they can be bad for health. The extra strain on joints can reduce circulation which in turn may cause pain and inflammation. Magnetic massaging slippers counteract the negative affects of restrictive footwear. By massaging the extremities, slippers improve circulation. As oxygen flows freely through the circulatory system, it restores muscles and joints. Furthermore, an efficient circulatory system prevents veins and arteries from restricting, soothing headaches and joint pain. Last, as blood circulates throughout the body, the body is energized. Awareness increases as well as balance and coordination.In addition to the circulatory benefits of massaging insoles, body reflexology theory reports that stimulating specific regions of the foot can boost metabolism. This in turn can help individuals maintain a healthy body weight.

Ladies slippers have been lovingly designed with inner peace and quiet in mind. The intricate brocade pattern is meant to soothe and please the eye as well as the sole. Choose a colour especially suited to your restoration needs. Slippers can be purchased in calm pastels or energising brights. The silk fabric feels luxurious against tired feet. The soft silk promotes healing of dry or calloused skin often found on the ball and heel of the foot. Instead of treating yourself to a one-time appointment at the salon or spa buy a pair of ladies massaging slippers. Imagine restoring ones self every night with holistic silk footwear, designed to promote health, relaxation and inner peace. After a long hard day at work every person deserves their own spot of calm.

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