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The Aga – 100% Recyclable and Getting Greener by the Minute!

Published : November 14, 2015 Author : admin
The Aga – 100% Recyclable and Getting Greener by the Minute!

Have you ever seen a dead Aga? Probably not. You could haunt your local tip for a decade and still not come across an Aga cooker being dumped. How come? They’re made of 70% recycled stuff. And at the end of their very long and useful lives they can be recycled yet again into useful things like guttering, cookers, manhole covers and metal lamp posts.

Having said that, you’d have to try pretty hard to wear one out. They last for decades. They heat homes for generations and can cook and heat your home for a lifetime. Not bad when most of us buy at least four ordinary cookers throughout our lives.

All of which dovetails nicely with today’s rapidly changing culture. We’re living in times when waste is becoming less and less acceptable. While we’re still a consumer society, we’re starting to spend more wisely and take the green option wherever possible. Saving energy is becoming the norm reather than the exclusive province of the eccentric, beloved of the brown rice and sandals brigade. So a piece of kit that genuinely lasts a lifetime has real moral value as well as a wealth of flexible and practical applications.

The future of Aga cookers is looking equally bright. As oil prices zoom up and down – mostly up – it’s really important to have a choice of fuels. Agas come in a variety of flavours including oil and natural gas, diesel, kerosene and good old electricity. The latest 13 amp electric oven is the cleanest, easiest to install, simplest to maintain and most energy efficient yet. There’s a choice of wood burning options. The company is currently researching biofuels, bringing university research and scientific collaboration into play. They’re looking into the micro-generation of electricity. And exploring blue sky territory, identifying whether it’s possible to develop emerging energy sources for Aga ovens. Stuff like wind, solar power and – extremely exciting – innovative heat pump technology.

There’s a programmable version with an intelligent management system, specifically designed to save fuel. And your Aga can replace a load of appliances too, saving cash, fuel and space. Owners don’t need a toaster, toasted sandwich maker, specialist grilling machine, kettle, bread maker or tumble drier. And even radiators can become redundant. We live in interesting times. It isn’t often a humble kitchen appliance gives consumers direct access to the moral high ground! So keep your eyes open for the latest Aga cooker innovation.

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