Three Ways You Can Save Money With Ecigs

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Three Ways You Can Save Money With Ecigs

If you are wondering why so many smokers are deciding to try e cigarette technologies, then you may not be aware of how much money you are wasting on regular tobacco.

In fact, you may be spending as much as 30% more on your favourite brand of cigarette without gaining all the advantages that come with buying the best electronic cigarette on the market.

At the very least, you should consider these three factors, and then see about ordering an electronic cigarette starter pack as soon as possible.

Overall Reduced Cost

Even though e cigarette cartridges are fairly new on the market, they are much cheaper than buying conventional cigarettes.

Here are just a few reasons why you will pay less for an e-cig:

  • e-cigs are cheaper to manufacture because one cartridge can deliver as much nicotine as several cigarettes
  • There are fewer regulations on e-cigs, meaning you pay less in taxes as well as compliance related overhead expenses passed along to you by the manufacturer
  • It is cheaper and easier to manufacture nicotine bearing fluids than it is to grow, harvest, and process tobacco
  • Manufacturers of e cigs are very interested in competing with conventional tobacco producers
  • Manufacturers of e cigarettes are in fierce competition among each other, meaning that when one lowers costs, others will usually run sales around the same time.

Easier Budgeting

Once you buy electronic cigarettes, you will most likely purchase smoking fluid online or through some other mail order venue. Under these circumstances, you will find it much easier to determine how much nicotine you want to purchase, and then set it aside for use on a daily basis.

While you are developing this budget, you can also save money by purchasing fluid with less nicotine that you can use on days when you don't need as much. Aside from saving money, regulating your nicotine intake is also a key step to stopping nicotine use altogether.

Increased Chance to Enjoy Discounts and Sales

As with any fairly new product that shows enormous potential, manufacturers of premium e cigarette products already know they have a challenge in convincing people to try their products. This, in turn, creates a situation where you can obtain a free e cigarette sample, take advantage of discounts at your favourite e-cig store, and make use of rebate programs.

Needless to say, if you don't often see conventional cigarette sales or coupons, then you will be amazed by all the good deals on e-cigs.

If you are looking for ways to save money, you are bound to wish you could just quit smoking each time you work on your budget. Today, you can take advantage of e-cigs and save enough money on them to reduce this stressful element in your life-

In fact, once you start using e-cigs, you may just find that worrying less about the cost of smoking will actually make it easier for you to focus on smoking cessation and other health related goals tied to this habit.

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  1. Carlos December 21, 2016 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    Vaping is a much cheaper option, although as governments start to cotton on that they are losing valuable tax revenues from smokers moving to vaping expect to see ecigs and eliquids getting more heavily taxed.

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