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Victorian Drama: Creating The Perfect Period Look For Kitchens

Published : December 06, 2015 Author : admin
Victorian Drama: Creating The Perfect Period Look For Kitchens

Victorian period style and design has become a popular choice for many homeowners. There is something very special about the elegance of the Victorian style that has really stood the test of time. The Victorian style is also very easy to incorporate into a modern design idea which means that you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to looks and functionality.

The Victorian Period

The Victorian period covers the reign of England’s Queen Victorian from 1837-1901 and was a period which saw great advances in science, technology, architecture and design take place. Leading designers of this time were greatly inspired by the high art of the Renaissance and Medieval periods. This meant there were some very grand influences to even the most modest home interiors including intricate ceiling designs, chandeliers, decorative fireplaces and vibrant pastel colours.

Furniture, woodwork and plasterwork in the Victorian times were often textured and decorated to create handsome embellishments to rooms. The Victorians also loved art and this can be clearly seen in their passion for highly decorative (and often hand painted) wallpaper.

The Essential Dresser

No Victorian home was complete without a dresser.  These were used for storing and showcasing favourite pieces of crockery, porcelain and chinaware  You can find some lovely Victorian-inspired dressers for sale in the modern marketplace. Some of these are available in pretty pastel colours that are much lighter and fresher than the traditional dark wood of antique dressers. This is a great way to add Victorian charm to your kitchen and also create handy storage spaces to help keep clutter down.

Domestic Victorian

Victoriana is a range of period inspired home and cookware widely available in kitchen and interior stores. Victoriana takes its inspiration from this period and enables you to buy a wide selection of new items for your home in the Victorian style from copper pans to charming ceramic pots and vases.

Add Colour and Warmth

The Victorian home was awash with colour and the kitchen was traditionally painted a charming pastel blue.  The lower part of the walls were often panelled with wood or tiled to make cleaning and hygiene easier. This creates a fresh and classic finish that still looks good in modern homes. Traditional pastel blue can be warmed by adding some hints of welcoming colours such as bright rugs, blinds and chair covers.

You could also consider creating a feature wall which is decorated with traditional styled Victorian wallpaper. The Victorians loved patterned wallpaper and there are many reproduction options available on the market. This can turn your wall into a real feature and showcases some of the prettiest designs from this period.

Small Kitchen Spaces

Even small kitchens can benefit from Victorian design.  Choose lighter colours if possible as these tend to make small spaces appear bigger. If you cannot fit a dresser into your kitchen then mimic this effect with an open wall-mounted shelf unit. Try and make as much use of the vertical space as possible for storage to help prevent clutter.

The Victorians loved interior plants and potted orchids can be a great way to add colour and vibrancy without taking up too much space.

Getting the Look

A traditional Victorian home would have been a profusion of decorative finishes, patterns and textures. This can seem a little chaotic and cluttered to those used to the more minimalist modern home.  However the great thing is that you can take some of the best elements from Victorian design and incorporate them into almost any interior scheme. This means that you can get the elegance of a classic Victorian style as well as the functionality of a modern home. By including these small changes in the design of your kitchen, you can transform your home’s interior dramatically.

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